We like to keep business transactions simple and honest, which is why you won’t see any hidden fees or surprise charges on our invoices. It’s also why you won’t find any “standard packages” on our website. Other marketing and public relations agencies will bundle items you don’t need, or even want, into their packages in order to increase their revenue.

reFocus Strategies prefers to customize projects to fit your goals, timeline, and budget. This doesn’t mean that we don’t provide discounts for multiple services, we definitely do, but we have found that it works best to make a custom package to fit all of your current needs than to bundle services you may not even want in the future. Let’s not get bogged down on the administrative details, and let’s jump into the services you need to keep your brand growing!


Successful designs go beyond adding art or visual components to written content. Graphic design is meant to solve problems or convey messages that audiences will understand immediately. Effective designs can be used to explain complex concepts and will help audiences recall brand names and advertising messages.

Whether you are interested in creating your first branding strategy or have been considering a comprehensive re-branding campaign, the reFocus Strategies team is prepared to guide you through the process. Most brands’ design needs begin with a company logo and expand into the materials used in advertising, event promotion, educational infographics, print media (magazines, newspapers, flyers, posters, banners, etc), and digital media (social media, website, commercials/ads, digital headers, animations, etc).

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a broad field which includes brand audits, search advertising (such as Google Adwords/Google Ads), social media management (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat), content creation (written & visual), analytic data visualization and analysis (Google Analytics), branding campaigns, search engine optimization (SEO), illustrations/animations, customer relationship management (CRM), augmented reality, audience engagement, artificial intelligence, live videos, and many other services. It is very common for small business owners to feel overwhelmed by the possibilities and avoid digital platforms altogether. It is important to have a focused digital marketing plan to ensure your business has a strong return on the time invested into these platforms.

As your business grows, it is likely that you will need to branch out onto various platforms. However, it is crucial to not overextend yourself when you get started. Some platforms will benefit your business more than other platforms. Do not allow yourself to become distracted by inefficient or trendy new systems. The reFocus team can help you find the right platforms for your business and will work with you to ensure you are comfortable using them.

Media & Press outreach

In most instances, drafting a press release is only the first step to receive coverage from tv, radio, and digital outlets. The next step in the process is pitching the idea to reporters, writers, producers, and other members of the press. Due to the potential for free exposure, event organizers, business owners, and entrepreneurs reach out to media members with various requests and ideas. However, it is not possible for reporters to highlight every event or company during their segments. The competitive nature of press coverage makes it crucial to approach members of the press with content which they can easily get approved for coverage.

The reFocus Strategies team has connections with various Spanish and English media members and can guide you through the press pitching process. Whether you need help finding the right reporter or simply need an introduction to a producer, the reFocus team is here to help you earn media coverage.

Traditional Marketing

In an increasingly digital world, many people are craving physical experiences, services, and products. The reFocus team enjoys catering to these people through traditional marketing tactics and platforms. Traditional marketing includes services such as printing (business cards, flyers), paid advertising (magazine, radio, television, newspaper, billboard, posters), mailings (postcards, newsletters, coupons), and promotional items (tshirts, pens, stickers, etc).

Traditional marketing campaigns normally require a longer planning timeline than digital marketing campaigns. Due to the physical nature of many of these tactics, creating material items and shipping them to their destinations requires more time than simply publishing them to a digital platform. However, traditional marketing campaigns can have the advantage of producing a psychological effect on people because holding an item changes the way they interact and consume the content. Whether your business needs a traditional marketing plan or simply a strategically planned campaign, the reFocus team can help you reach your goals.


Affordable laptops, smartphones, and cameras have led to an exponential rise in visual content over the last five to ten years. In a 2017 interview, a Facebook executive estimated that by 2019 about 80% of online traffic would be dedicated to streaming videos. If you use social media, it should come as no surprise that most online algorithms prioritize visual content over non visual content. As a brand, you should also be aware that consumers are more likely to engage with content that includes relevant graphics, photos, and videos.

Whether you need a company brand video or some help visualizing your data, the reFocus Strategies team is here to help you create visually compelling content for your target audience. Visual media (including photos, videos, designs, illustrations, graphs, and mixed media) campaigns are ideal for companies that have been considering a storytelling approach to attract and connect with new customers. It’s very likely that your competitors are using photography and videography as part of their marketing efforts, but this doesn’t mean that they’re using them to their full advantage. Partner up with the reFocus team to develop a visual strategy that sets you apart from all of the digital visual clutter.


Most entrepreneurs and brands start their marketing efforts with a website. Establishing a website allows companies to publish important business details such as contact information, services offered, and even product availability. There are many platforms available that help with website creation (WordPress, Wix, Joomla, Weebly, Squarespace, Shopify, etc). Though many of these platforms boast low costs in their promotional materials, they seldom mention that their systems have major limitations that make it difficult to scale the website. Finding and investing in the right website platform is a crucial step in creating a reputable online presence.

Successful web pages include easy-to-digest written content, relevant designs, an intuitive interface, and information that makes the pages SEO friendly. For many entrepreneurs, creating all of the content necessary to develop a successful website is overwhelming. The reFocus Strategies team can help with the hosting setup, content creation, basic SEO, website design, and web presence strategy. We thoroughly enjoy empowering our clients by teaching them how their website works, how to make changes, and how to scale in an affordable manner as their business grows over time. Give the reFocus team a call whether your website needs to be setup, redesigned, or simply updated!