First off, have you heard of multi-channel marketing or have an idea of what it is? The concept is self explanatory but there are important reasons why you should invest time and money into this. As Analytics Software & Solutions puts it: Multi-channel marketing refers to the practice of interacting with customers using a combination of indirect and direct communication channels – websites, retail stores, mail order catalogs, direct mail, email, mobile, etc. – and enabling customers to take action in response – preferably to buy your product or service – using the channel of their choice. In the most simplistic terms, multichannel marketing is all about choice.

Now that we’re all clear on what this means, let’s go over why we highly recommend it.

It takes 7 to 13+ touches to deliver a qualified sales lead. Very rarely does someone make a purchase based on hearing or seeing it one time, on the same platform. With today’s online opportunities, it’s important to reach your audience every where that they go. It’s like a friendly reminder to do or purchase something that they already care about or want to buy. Seeing it multiple times from YOU will encourage the consumer to go directly there given that they already recognize your brand and most likely shares your values. If you’re not reminding your members/consumers that you’re ready to help them, they will likely go with your competitor.

72% of consumers say they would rather connect with brands and businesses through multi-channel​ (SailThru, Multi-Channel B2C Campaigns Realize a 24% Greater Return on Investment). Does this statistic shock you? This proves that we all need a little reminder to do something that we’ve already looked into but waiting once they have a little time. If you’re on Facebook and you’ve been meaning to purchase or sign a petition– and you suddenly see it pop up on your feed, wouldn’t you take the opportunity to go ahead and conveniently take action? That’s the same thought process your audience is going through. Hearing it on the radio, seeing it on TV and also seeing it on social media will inevitably stick with you. 

So what channels should I use? Great question. Just because there are many channels out there, doesn’t mean you should be on all of them. It’s vital to know where your audience is and meet them where they are. Don’t waste your resources trying to reach people who simply are not interested in you– it’s not personal, it’s simply business. If you don’t know where your audience is, we can help you find those answers.

Okay, now what? Now that we’ve covered some reasons on why it’s important to push your messaging out on multiple channels, we hope you take the time to test it and see how it works out for you. Our team can help you refocus and guide you in the right direction to build a campaign that will set you up for success. Let us know how we can be most helpful.